Our Services

Our team offer comprehensive professional accounting services for all your taxation and financial needs. We’re proud to take a different approach to other firms. We don’t charge per minute, per letter or per call. Instead, we’re committed to working with you over the long-term.
We can help you with a range of services including:

Annual Company Accounts

Our experienced team can help in the preparation of your year-end accounts. We offer capital allowance claims, personal tax returns and statutory financial statements among other services.

Corporation Tax Returns

Managing your corporation tax returns can be a challenge, but the expert BM&Co Accountants Ltd team are on hand to do the hard work on your behalf. We can ensure your paperwork is filed on time and without any errors that could cause you problems in future.

Tax Planning

We know the importance of making savings on your tax bill, and you can trust BM&Co Accountants Ltd to handle all the complexities of tax planning on your behalf. We can analyze your tax returns and offer you key advice to help you cut your costs.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

The BM&Co Accountants Ltd team are committed to making dealing with self-assessment tax returns less stressful. Completing this process can be confusing and frustrating, but we’re able to calculate your tax liability and file your tax returns on your behalf.

VAT Returns

If your income reaches the minimum threshold for VAT, you’ll be required to file VAT returns and keep updated records. Let us do the hard work for you, ensuring you pay minimal VAT so you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


We can prepare weekly and monthly payrolls for your assistants or employees and prepare your year-end returns. Our payroll services are available as a standalone package or integrated with the other services that we offer.


If you need a reliable yet affordable bookkeeping service, you can rely on BM&Co Accountants Ltd . We’re able to assist you with estate and financial planning, setup and maintenance of accounts and preparation of financial statements, among other options.

Management Accounts

Gaining insight into your company’s financial well-being is vital for any business and this is why preparation of management accounts is so important. We can help you to draw these up so that you can enjoy greater clarity when it comes to making key decisions.

Business Administration Support

We understand the challenges associated with starting up a new business unit, however we’re on hand to assist you with getting your startup running. We can offer you expert advice in choosing the best formation option for you, whether that be a limited partnership or sole trader company. We can also advise you about registering, bookkeeping records, and more.