Start Ups


Whether you’ve recently launched a new business or are currently running a long-established organisation, ensuring its success is paramount.

Managing any company requires complex financial decisions and responsibilities. Organising invoices, handling tax returns and dealing with receipts are just some of the key tasks you are required to complete. Our team understand the challenges of running any type of business, and are on hand to offer a comprehensive service for start-ups

Managing Your Start-Up Accountancy Needs

From the complexities of starting up a new business venture to managing ongoing tax concerns, handling payroll and meeting bookkeeping obligations, we understand the challenges that any business owner faces. The regulatory landscape is continuously shifting, and accounting mistakes can prove costly. However, we have the necessary expertise to handle all your start-up accountancy needs.

How Do We Help New Start-Ups?

Our expert accountancy team offers more than just day-to-day accountancy services for your new business. We’re proud to be your partners – offering you valuable advice on all issues regarding your company’s financial health and well-being. From offering you support before you even launch your venture to supplying ongoing advice to help your business to function efficiently and profitably, we’re here to help you succeed. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Advising as to the best company form for your business
  • Offering you a real-time view of your tax liabilities
  • Providing tailored support for new enterprises
  • Answering business expenses questions

Determining Company Form for Start-Ups

Thanks to our extensive experience in working with start-ups, you can be confident that BM&Co Accounting Ltd can offer you tailored advice when it comes to choosing the best company form for you. Whether you would benefit most from being a Limited Company or a Sole Trader, we can advise you about taxation and payroll requirements. You can count on us to ask all the right questions so we can determine the ideal setup for your new enterprise.